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Personal Trainers. Just like spirited athletes preparing for sporting events, aspiring Bel Ami models must be primed by experienced hands-on coaches. In front of your very eyes, uninhibited superstar “Personal Trainers,” Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet, teach raw young recruits how to give and take it like men. Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the non-stop documentary-style action is incendiary. “Personal Trainers” is erotically charged Reality TV.

Most of the young men are newcomers to gay sex. 90% of them have no previous experience with filming or modeling. So the model begins a series of training sessions during which he must become comfortable with the specifics of gay sex; learn to ignore the people who are watching him and giving him instructions during a sexual encounter; and understand that sex for the camera is rather different from real life. On film we need to see everything which means specific sexual positions, being aware at all times of the camera. On film there needs to be more variety during sex. The training sessions have to take into account all of these aspects.

Starring: Dano Sulik, Sebastian Bonnet, Tommy Alvarez, Ramon Valenti, Gilles Marais. Director: Marty Stevens

Cover Boys. is a Bel Ami fan’s dream come true. At long last, superstars Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik return to video. All new, never-before shown hard-action sequences showcase the qualities of handsome Lukas and charming Johan that made hearts all over the world beat faster. Johan pairs up with his close buddy and cover boy, Sebastian Bonnet, and also with newcomer Tim Hamilton. Lukas stars in several sequences: an encounter with Claude Cocteau; a group blow-job; and in the release of all the completed footage from the unfinished Greek holiday project, “Lukas in Love,” Lukas teams with Jason Paradis and with Max Orloff. We also include the steamy coupling between Max Orloff and Oleg Vronski shot on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Lukas and Johan introduce the various episodes on camera, speaking in English. A bonus episode shows Lukas and Johan toying with Adam Cartier!

Starring Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik with Sebastian Bonnet, Tim Hamilton, Claude Cocteau, Jason Paradis, Max Orloff, Oleg Vronski, Adam Cartier plus Paolo Estefan, Adam Jannin, Oliver Krist, Filip Olivier, Patrik Zsolt and 5 more breathtaking beauties in the group scene. Produced and directed by George Duroy. 120 min. XXX.

Souvenirs. A love triangle of intense jealousy takes you from the hockey arena to the shower room. Hot action with four of Bel Ami's best -- shot in Portugal. Fun and games in a mountain chateau -- bunk beds were never this fun before. featuring: Milos Voiner, Lucien Barre, Gerard Kilian, Alan Greksa, Oto Burina, Kristian Jensen, Milos Jankek, Erik Kovac, Alex Petersen, Daniel Valent, Jiri Lubov, Pavel Otava, Michel Turkus, Oliviero Dantes, Sebastian Bonnet, and Gynt Klein.

The English Student. Julian Armanis is taking a course in English. Every night his teacher gives him homework to enlarge his .... vocabulary. Julian chooses the words himself, based on his activities and those of this friends. In the seven beautiful episodes, the libidos fire up outside and reach their boiling points indoors. Set mostly in and around an atmospheric town square, The English Student stars: Julian Armanis, pairing him with Sebastian Bonnet and newcomers Claude Cocteau and Nico Tiziani, from 101 Men. Also are favorites Alexander Strauss, Dano Sulik, Karl Tenner, Andre Volel and Simon Jacobi.

Cherries. Features 10 ripe and ready young men making their feature debuts and demonstrating their potential in the 101 Series. Each one is filmed during this very first sexual encounter with another man. Eager, versatile and adaptable, they give into their carnal urges with joyous abandon, driven by instincts as deep-rooted as nature itself. Cherries also presents fan favorite Oliver Christ, making his long awaited return to video, and Vadim Hausman, in his first appearance on screen since Lucky Lucas. Starring: Marcel Bouvier, Pierre Delon, Paolo Estefan, Vadim Hausman, Sasha Kasparov, Adrian Kinski, Oliver Krist, Martin Lennox, Jeff Markovich, Filip Olivier, Mirko Polakov, Oleg Vronski.

Team Play. Set around the pool and at a party, the boys are at it again. Big thick long dicked Julian Armanis gives two of the best fucks we've seen. Lots of newcomers here with big thick uncut dicks and willing holes. Starring Julian Armanis, Oleg Vronsky, Ion Davidov, Adam Cartier. Martin Eden, Ivan Fjordorov, Nicola Gismondi, Marek Kodes, Justin Marino, Jaques Mellies, Karl Moser, Filip Olivier, Max Orloff, and Karl Tenner.

Tender Strangers. Seven of the most beautiful freshmen models come to life in this breathtaking solo action video. Filmed in 1993, this is one of Bel Ami's earlier works. Tender strangers is filled with beautiful new faces, uncut cocks and exotic locations.... loving camera work and a fantastic musical score. The first sight of heartthrob Lukas Ridgeston, making his video debut, will take your breath away. Starring: Lukas Ridgeston, Ken Christy (Marcel), Danny Clarke (David), Tomas Meyer (Tomas), Timmy Conrad (Jakub), Michal Tarkus (Pietro), and Martin Valko (Sergej).

Out At Last. This Collectors Edition presents 6 sizzling never-before seen episodes from the Bel Ami archives. Shot between 1993 and 1995, this specially edited edition has it all! Hard action, 2-ways, 3-ways, beautiful faces and huge cocks and 13 models. Starring: Tomas Meyer, Michal Tarkus, Marek Smolik, Mathias Ardini, Janos Nemeth, Johan Paulik, Ion Davidov, Lukas Ridgeston, Martin Valko, Kristian Jensen, Jakub Benda, Erik Kovac, and Daniel Valent.

Summer Camp. Join eleven of Bel Ami's hottest models in 7 scorching episodes as they frolic in the great outdoors. It's the summer camp of their dreams. And yours .... Starring Oleg Vronski, Nico Tiziani, Martin Eden, Daniel Avedon, Martin Lennox, Eric Kovac, Adrian Kinski, Ales Hanak, Adam Cartier, Andre Dorel, and Denis Aysner.

Frisky Summer. Do you remember the warm endless nights and the smell of the sun on your skin? Do you remember all the boys and all the trouble and all the fun? It's summer and you're horny all the time. So are your friends and it's so warm all day and night. Starring: Ion Davidov, Johan Paulik, Milos Janek, Kristian Jensen, Daniel Valent, Tomas Belko, Dano Sulik, Gynt Klein, Alex Petersen, and Filip Smirnov.

Frisky Summer 3. Now is the time for trying something new. . . The sky is bright, the sun is blazing and the boys are ready, willing, and more than able to do what they do best. Hot and uninhibited, playful and romantic, just the way you want it. Shot on location in Central Europe, Frisky Summer 3 introduces amazingly beautiful new models romping with many of your favorites, bringing the Frisky Summer trilogy to a rousing finale. Starring: Sebastian Bonnet, Valentin Nabokov, Julian Armanis, Erik Kovak, Michal Tarkus, Gerard Kilian, Sergei Grigoriev, Karl Tenner, Ion Davidov, Marco Rossini, Hans Moser, and Justin Marino.


A HREF="/acc4/vvdp223.htm">Bonbons - Out At Last 2 Marcel Bouvier, Sebastian Bonnet, Max Orloff, Dano Sulik, Alex Hanak, Filip Olivier, Justin Marino, Martin Lennox

An American in Prague Johan Paulik, Chance, Dominik Filla, Sergei Grigoriev, Karl Tenner, Janos Fekete


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101 Men - Lukas Ridgeston, Johan Paulik, Sebastian Bonnet and Dano Sulik, Julian Armanis, Tim Hamilton, Claude Cocteau, Jason Paradis, Max Orloff, Oleg Vronski, Adam Cartier plus Paolo Estefan, Adam Jannin, Oliver Krist, Filip Oliv
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